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C&C Milano offers custom-made and innovative textile designs, and the exclusivity of unique hand-made items. Countless possibilities can be designed by combining the various fabrics, patterns and colours.
Pride in family history and a heritage of long standing textile tradition contributes to the formation of C&C Milano’s strong identity. The bond between textiles and the Castellini family dates back one and a half centuries ago when Clateo pursued his passion for linen and took over a wool and hemp spinning factory. It is this same passion that motivates Piero and Emanuele Castellini to maintain the past standards of excellence as they transformed the concept of textile processing into textile design.
Piero’s apartment was one of the locations used in the 2009 film ‘I Am Love’.
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The family’s personal control over the entire production process, from spinning and weaving to finishing, results in the high standards offered by C&C Milano. Italian Linen and Italian style at its finest.